Generalized PE: Fundamentals of Sports and Fitness

Students will have fun by learning the fundamentals of manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, and kicking a variety of implement types such as football, Frisbee, tennis ball, and soccer ball, to name a few.  First the skills will be mastered in static environments then will progress to dynamic environments such as small-sided games.  Students will be taught how to integrate fundamental psychomotor skills into complex, coordinated, and purposeful movements that are relevant to all sports.  Fitness will focus on learning basic flexibility and bodyweight resistance exercises that will empower students to begin to take control of their own fitness.  Basic concepts such as overload and specificity will also be part of the curriculum.  Obstacle course activities will be used to blend the sports and fitness knowledge using interesting and challenging games.

Grades: 3-6

Time: 11a - 11:55a

Enrollment: 6-30 students (class is MOST fun starting at 20 students)

Cost: $30 per 4 weeks per student

     13GEM Physical Education classes for the 2017-2018 school year taught in-person by Coach Jacob will be available through the Labyrinth Homeschool Co-Op on Tuesdays.  Interested families must enroll in the Labyrinth Co-Op then register for 13GEM PE classes via the Labyrinth website; if 13GEM PE classes are all a family is interested in then they may register and enroll  in only PE classes without being committed to other classes. 

A few reasons for partnering exclusively with Labyrinth:

  • Access to a high quality gym so students are sheltered from extreme temperatures and elements
  • Co-op is operated efficiently and effectively by a reliable and responsible Board.
  • Family atmosphere and great community of families dedicated to creating a positive educational experience for all students
  • Lots of students who are interested in learning and participating in Physical Education so classes will always be full; which is important because 13GEM PE classes operated most effectively starting at 20 students!

The process for registering for 13GEM PE classes are as follows:

Foundations of PE for Lifetime Fitness

     Students will have fun learning the basics of psychomotor skills, spatial awareness, and "root movements" for a multitude of exercises that will be learned and applied throughout their Lifetime.  Movement patterns such as running, skipping, hand-eye coordination, and stretching will be introduced and learned to mastery.  Spatial awareness of concepts such as self-space, general space, directions, levels, and pathways will be learned in controlled environments with maximum opportunity for practice and success.  There is a social-emotional component to this class as well.  Social concepts such as sharing, cooperation, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for others are woven into activities that teach students relationships such as solo, partners, triads, and groups.  The emotional curriculum is implement throughout every moment of class as all activities and interactions are designed to develop healthy confidence, positive self-esteem, strength of personality, and absolute perseverance through any and all obstacles in the mission of fulfilling their Life's purpose!

Grades:  3 yr - K

Time: 12:30p - 1:25p

Enrollment: 6 to 30 students (class is MOST fun starting at 20 students)

Cost: $30 per 4 weeks per student

Physical Education at
​Labyrinth Co-Op

Developmental PE: Psychomotor and Spatial Mapping

Students will have fun by learning fundamental psychomotor skills such as running, skipping, and galloping and concepts such as fast, slow, chasing, fleeing, and dodging by playing a variety of group games such as flag tag and relay racing.  Students will learn how to purposefully move by learning fundamental spatial mapping concepts such as forward/backward and right/left.  Relationships between the student and objects (under/over, on/off) as well as peers (partners, triads, groups) will be taught as the foundation for learning more advanced games such as soccer.

Grades: K-2

Time: 10a - 10:55a

Enrollment: 6-30 students (class is MOST fun starting at 20 students)

Cost: $30 per 4 weeks per student

Sports Education

Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Flickerball, and Soccer are the guaranteed sports to be learned but as the year progresses sports such as Floor Hockey and Non-contact Lacrosse will be added when the equipment can be procured. Students will have fun by mastering the fundamental skills of each sport then learn how to apply those skills in regulation game settings.  The rules and strategies of each sport will be taught with the end objective of the class that students learn a sport well enough to focus on just playing during class rather than practicing.  Fitness concepts such as properly warming up and basic bodyweight exercises will be part of the curriculum.

Grades: 7-12

Time: 1:30p - 2:30p

Enrollment: 6-30 students (class is MOST fun starting at 20 students)

Cost: $30 per 4 weeks per student