How does the Online PE Resource work?

The recommended amount of daily physical activity for children is 60-90 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity so students can spend the whole learning session focusing on one activity or can implement several activities in a single session.  This 6-Step implementation process is the same for every activity.

Step 1:  Login and select course

Step 2:  Pick a Sport or Exercise Modality

Step 3:  Pick an individual skill or concept

Step 4:  Read content and watch instructional video

Step 5:  Gather equipment & friends then set up
*Each video contains an equipment list of reliable and affordable equipment that can be purchased online or at local stores so parents can develop a solid cache of sport and exercise equipment for daily use

Step 6:  Practice the skill or concept

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Online PE Resource

What is the Online PE Resource?

  • It is a comprehensive, reliable, and affordable Physical Education Curriculum that is designed to be implemented by any person, family, or organization interested in increasing physical activity rates in an enjoyable fashion.
  • It is composed of instructional videos for 200+ skills and concepts for a variety of sports and exercise modalities that students, families, and organizations can implement autonomously.
  • It is designed for anyone to implement a full Physical Education curriculum by simply using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

​​  This journey  started  around  2008  when I was teaching high school PE in Georgia.  I was frustrated that the only forms of assessment for PE were dress and participation with little to no regard placed on skill development and knowledge acquisition.  Dismayed, I called my college professor, Dr. McCullick, and explained my dilemma to him. 

     He asked,
"If the students dress and participate, does that mean they are more skilled and knowledgeable and does that provide effective assessment as to whether or not they have learned content in your class?"

     I responded "no".

     He asked,
"Then what kind of curriculum can you provide that does improve skill and knowledge and what kind of assessments can you develop that does measure whether or not they have learned the content in your class?"

     And as all great teachers do, he left me with that insight!

     I have since thought about
that question for the last nine years. In that time, I have worked to develop a comprehensive and reliable Physical Education curriculum that teaches objective and clearly defined skills and knowledge.

     The goal of Math is to add, subtract, calculate, etc. and can be assessed reliably.  The goal of Language Arts is to read, write, express ideas, etc. and can be assessed reliably.  The goal of Science is to observe, reason, analyze, etc. and can be assessed reliably.  Physical Education tends to be a nebulous topic relative to all other subjects.  However, I knew that when I figured out what the objective goals of PE were then I would also find the answers to Dr. McCullick's question.

     So I set out to objectify and quantify every sport and exercise modality I could think of.  I approached each topic with the same process of questions:

1.  "How can I assess whether or not a student has learned this sport or exercise?"   I broke each individual sport and exercise down into its constituent skills and concepts.

2.  "How can I assess whether or not a student has learned each individual skill or concept within that sport or exercise?"  I created a specific and definable objective that would indicate whether or not a student had learned each individual skill or concept.

3.  "What are the skill cues needed to perform each individual skill or concept successfully?"  I imagined myself teaching students each skill or concept then wrote down the skill cues that would be used to instruct them on proper performance.

4.  "What activity can be developed for students to practice and assess each individual skill or concept?"  I developed a relevant practice and assessment activity for each individual skill and concept accompanied by scoring standards to assess skill level.

     The aforementioned process will be used to illustrated how the sport of 
Basketball was broken down into the 13GEM Physical Education Curriculum:

Step 1:  Break Basketball down into its constituent skills and concepts:

Dribbling: static, dynamic, obstacle course, under pressure
Shooting: lay up; 5-10ft. floater; 10-15ft. jump shot; 15-18ft. jump shot; 3-pointer jump shot
Passing: static, dynamic, chest, bounce, overhead

Pick & Roll
Give & Go
Box Out Technique
One-on-One Defense
Zone Defense

Step 2:  Create a specific and definable objective for each individual skill and concept; for the purposes of this example, only one skill will be illustrated:

Skill: Static dribble
Objective: Stand & dribble using right, left, & alternating hands for 30 seconds each without making a mistake
(Visit to view the curriculum as currently constructed for FREE through July 1, 2017)

Step 3:  Write down the skill cues for proper performance

-Always use fingertips to control ball
-Push down & flick wrist hard enough so ball returns to intended hand
-Keep ball around waist level while using a rhythmic, repeated pushing pattern
-Ball should bounce 6-12 inches next to same foot when using right hand or left hand dribble
-Ball should bounce in front & at midpoint of body when using alternating dribble

Step 4:  Develop a relevant activity for practice and assessment with appropriate scoring standards for assessment

Activity: Stand & dribble with right, left, & alternating hands using correct form

10-15 sec. each:   Beginner
16-21 sec. each:   Intermediate
22-29 sec. each:   Expert
30+ sec. each:      Mastery

Steps 2-4 would then be applied to each individual skill and concept listed under Step 1.

     It took about a year to develop the Alpha version of this PE curriculum that was designed around the classes I was teaching at the Georgia high school.  I was super excited to bring this to my department head and improve the quality of instruction at our school.  However, when I showed the curriculum to my department head she informed me that all classes within the same subject must teach the same curriculum and that if the other teachers did not want to implement the improved curriculum then I could not.

     I brought it to the other teachers and they all said it was too much work and they did not want to be bothered.  I was dejected and infuriated at the same time!  I was so frustrated that I was being limited by other lazy teachers.  It was at that time I realized that perhaps the public school system was not for me and soon left that teaching position in 2010.

     Since leaving that teaching job, I have fastidiously worked on fulfilling my vision of creating an innovative and comprehensive Physical Education curriculum.  It has be nine long years of Research & Development to create a solid curriculum that is ready to be provided to students. 
HOWEVER... I want the freedom to teach Physical Education the way I want without restrictions so that is why I have created 13 Generations Educational Mission, LLC and this Online Physical Education Resource.

And that brings us to where we are today!

     I moved to Washington state to plug into the strong and vibrant Homeschool Community because my passion is teaching Physical Education the right way! 
I have come to realize that there is a giant gap in the nationwide Homeschool, Adaptive Needs, Public Education, and Afterschool Communities regarding Physical Education.  
13GEM seeks to fill that gap with this Online PE Resource. The idea is to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and affordable PE resource that parents can turn to and implement at home when developing their student(s) homeschool and/or afterschool curriculum.  Each individual skill and concept topic contains 5 parts:

1.  Objective:  explains what the student(s) will be able to do as a result of learning from that video

2.  Skill Cues:  instructs students on proper skill or concept performance

3.  PE Activity:  demonstrates how to set up and perform the practice activity.  ***provides a list of equipment needed to perform activity  *** This feature will enable parents to develop a quality and affordable set of PE supplies at home that are used by Coach Jacob in all videos

4.  Mistakes:  identifies common mistakes when learning the skill or concept

5.  Assessment:  provides performance standards for students to develop personal performance goals

The curriculum that has been developed for the past nine years is now ready to be converted into a vast series of online instructional videos!

     As of right now there are
230+ skills and concepts that have the curriculum completely written for, I just need to convert them online and into video form!  Instructional videos and activities will be provided for students PK3-12th grade as an Online Resource.   These videos are designed for parents to hand a smartphone, tablet, or computer to their student(s) and supervise them while learning and practicing at home!

     Access will be FREE through the July 1, 2017, after which it will convert into its intended format of $10/month for access to EVERYTHING PK3-12th grade!  The website currently contains the following curriculum designed for students 3rd-12th grade:

1.  Basketball
2.  Flag Football
3.  Ultimate Frisbee
4.  Non-contact Lacrosse
5.  Soccer
6.  Floor Hockey
7.  Volleyball
8.  Tennis
9.  Soccer Tennis
10. Step Aerobics
11. Yoga Basics
12. Lifetime Flexibility
13. Lifetime Strength

     Also, there is the curriculum I am currently writing for students PK3 -2nd grade.  This
Developmental PE program focuses on teaching students psycho-motor skills used universally across all sports and exercise modalities as well as knowledge of fundamental concepts of spatial mapping and social awareness.  This curriculum is designed around games and activities that allow students to explore different forms of movement and self-expression in preparation for the complex movements and intricate concepts learned later in sports & exercise modalities.

13GEM and the Online PE Resource boils down to this:

I love teaching Physical Education and I sincerely feel it is my Life's mission!

-Physical Education in general, but especially in the Homeschooling and Adaptive Needs Communities, is severely lacking

13GEM is the organization designed to fulfill that lacking by providing a comprehensive and reliable Online PE Resource that can be implemented in homes, yards, and local parks by students and parents

-Ensure that the
13GEM  Online PE Resource is forever as affordable as possible so cost does not become a barrier to entry for any family

-Create a
LIVING  Physical Education Resource- which means it is continually developed, updated, and improved throughout its existence.  This will not be a curriculum or learning device that is created, provided, and forever crystallized in a final state (like a CD, book, or object), rather it will always grow with more and more information.

                   THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!